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Why choose us as your Third-Party Administrator?
We Service ERISA and Non-ERISA 403b/457 Plans!

Our WIN-WIN Platform

 - online transactions, 100% mobile phone friendly (less faxes, scans, and emailing of documents)

 - faster turnaround and approvals

 - less paperwork shuffling

 - immediate confirmations to your employees of transaction status

 - Happy employees + Happier Advisors/Vendors = Happier employers/clients

As Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations for retirement plan compliance have become more embedded in the educational community, more school districts than ever before are utilizing third-party administrators to handle their 403(b) and 457(b) programs.  We can help you get the expertise you want and deserve from a Third Party Administrator (TPA).

We specialize in providing full administrative and consulting services for 403(b) and 457(b) plans, while ensuring compliance with IRS regulations.  We help you with:

  • Plan Document Design and Support

  • IRS 5500 Preparation (ERISA plans only)

  • Compliance testing and oversight

  • Support for multiple investment platforms

  • Common Remitter Payroll service

  • Information sharing with all investment providers you select for your plan

  • Support for your current remittance process to investment providers

Our team manages the following transactions to ensure compliance with IRS regulations and as permitted by your Plan Document, plus reducing your involvement in day to day administration:

  • Plan Rollovers in or out

  • Transfers between vendors

  • Plan distributions/withdrawals

  • Loan approvals

  • Exchanges

  • Hardship and Unforeseeable Emergency distributions

  • Qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs)

Salary Reduction Agreement Management

Our team can handle all new SRAs as well as SRA changes.  We can develop a strategy to minimize your involvement in the process freeing up more of your valuable time.

Common Remitter Service
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